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Jennifer Zobair Faithfully Feminist

"What a brave and powerful examination of observance and empowerment; of living within boundaries and embracing the possibilities they reveal. The importance of appreciating the challenges and simultaneous beauty of living inside of a system of observance cannot be overemphasized. This compilation does all of that and more.” — Mayim Bialik, Emmy-nominated Actor for her role as Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" and star of the early 90's sitcom "Blossom."

Faithfully Feminist:"Why do you stay?" It's a common question for women of faith who claim a feminist identity. Feminists argue that you cannot be a “true” feminist if you are a practicing Christian, Muslim, or Jew. Likewise, religious practitioners claim that you cannot be a “true” Christian, Muslim, or Jew if you support feminist values. In Faithfully Feminist 15 Christian, 15 Jewish, and 15 Muslim women share their struggles to remain in their religious traditions, encourage other women through their triumphs, and show that being feminist doesn’t mean giving up on your faith.

Other endorsements:

"One after another these Faithful Feminists from Abrahamic traditions tell of their journey through bias and discrimination to clarity and peace. The struggle can come within religious traditions or in secular settings, but all lead to a fuller understanding of fidelity in a complex world. In their telling many of their stories mirror and nourish my own. I am grateful for their bold willingness to share their insights and stimulate my reflection giving rise to the certainty that we are all sisters in this quest. Thank you!" —Sr. Simone Campbell, Nuns on the Bus

"What brings one to faith and keeps one 'faithful,' especially in religious communities that remain densely patriarchal? As the narratives in this anthology attest, these are such ineffably personal questions that no woman can answer them for another. Perhaps that is just as well since it allows us to learn from each other's struggles how to be present to the divine in our own distinctive ways." — Dr. Asma Barlas, Professor of Politics at Ithaca College and author of "Believing Women" in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur'an

"This is a richly textured, intellectually and ethically challenging book—especially for readers like me. As a religious traditionalist, I need to hear these voices. I may not always want to hear them, but I need to hear them. Their honesty, depth, commitment, and energy are compelling. This book attests to the vitality of our several traditions and to the moral integrity of the thinkers who work to stay within them." — Alan Mittleman, Professor of Jewish Philosophy at The Jewish Theological Seminary and author of A Short History of Jewish Ethics

"Faithfully Feminist is a must read for anyone eager to tear down biases and stereotypes surrounding the loaded concepts of both religion and feminism. This beautifully written anthology finally provides a loud and clear voice for women who are proud to call themselves feminists and believers, and serves as a wakeup call to those that believe feminism is incompatible with religion. An inspiring book!" — Shaheen Pasha, Assistant Professor of International Journalism at University of Massachusetts-Amherst and former reporter for Dow Jones, CNN and Thomson Reuters

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