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Jennifer Zobair Painted Hands Glossary

Alhamdulillah: ¬†Literally, “praise to God.”

Ammi:  Mother

Assalamu Alaikum: Traditional Muslim greeting, meaning “peace be upon you.”

Beta: Son

Beti: Daughter

Biryani: A spiced rice-based Indian dish made with meat or vegetables.

Dosa: A fermented crepe made from lentil and rice powder and often stuffed with potatoes.

Dupatta: A long scarf accompanying South Asian women’s outfits, often worn over the shoulders.

Eid: A Muslim holiday.

Fatwa: A legal judgment based on Islamic law.

Gharara: A formal Pakistani outfit, popular at weddings, consisting of a thigh-length tunic and long, wide pants that flare out at the knees.

Halal: Literally, something which is permitted by Islamic law, often referring to meat that has been slaughtered in the prescribed manner, similar to “kosher.”

Hijab: The traditional headscarf worn by some Muslim women.

Insha’Allah: Literally, “God willing,” used by Muslims and Arab Christians when speaking of future activities.

Jaan: A term of endearment.

Jee: Yes

Kafir: A non-believer in Islam.

Khuda Hafiz: Literally, “May God be your protector,” used by South Asian and Persian Muslims in parting.

Kohl: A form of eye makeup common in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Korma: A type of curry.

Kufi: A brimless cap often worn by Muslim men.

Kurta: A collarless shirt.

Kya aap Pakistani hain:¬† The question,Are you Pakistani?”

Lassi: A yogurt-based drink.

Lengha: A long skirt.

Masha’Allah: Literally, “God has willed it.” Often said by Muslims upon hearing good news.

Masjid: Mosque.

Mehndi: Henna.

Mubarak: Congratulations.

Mullah: A person who studies or teaches Islamic theology and law.

Nahin: No.

Palak paneer: An Indian dish made of spinach and cheese.

Pappadum: A thin, crisp lentil flour-based Indian treat.

Paratha: A type of Indian bread.

Phupi: Aunt, specifically one’s father’s sister.

Rasmalai: An Indian dessert consisting of balls of cheese in a cream sauce.

Salaam: Literally, “peace.” A shortened version of Assalamu Alaikum.

Salwar Kameez: A traditional South Asian outfit consisting of a knee-length shirt and blousy pants.

Shahada: The Islamic testament of faith in which a believer declares her faith in God and Muhammad’s prophethood.

Surah al-Falaq: A chapter of the Qur’an.

Tikka: A pendent worn on the forehead.

Vindaloo: An Indian curry dish.

Zardosi: A form of embroidery.

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